Other Mortgages

The Mortgage Centre understands that everyone has a unique lifestyle, and we believe your mortgage financing should be just as unique.

With increased flexibility, gone are the days of the “one size fits all” mortgage. We’ll investigate your options, and provide advice based on your individual situation. We’re able to create custom mortgage financing for our customers because of our many years of industry experience. We know the ‘ins and outs’ of the mortgage financing world. Harry Howard with The Mortgage Centre is the place to go to find the mortgage that suits your needs!

Other Mortgage Options are usually considered for:

  • Investment property purchases – a popular and smart way to invest your money.
  • Second mortgages – loans that are taken out, in addition to the mortgage on the property.
  • Individuals who are new to Canada – ask about your options as a newcomer.
  • Self-employed individuals – will need to provide certain documentation to verify that all the requirements are met to obtain financing.
  • Bridge financing – this type of financing is usually obtained during the period between selling your old home and buying your new one. It allows you to buy your new home even if the closing date on your old home hasn’t happened yet.
  • Pre-construction properties – we can help you finance your dream home, even if it’s not built yet.

Whether you’re a new citizen of Canada or looking to purchase a pre-construction property, we have options for you.

Contact Harry to discuss your mortgage financing options today!